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Consumer engagement resources

As part of its responsibilities for protecting and enhancing the safety, health, well-being and quality of life of aged care consumers, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has identified and developed a range of resources, best practice strategies and tools for providers of aged care to engage with consumers and their representatives.

Working with aged care consumers - Resource

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Working with aged care consumers - Resource

Over the past ten years there has been significant reform of the aged care sector in Australia, with a greater emphasis on empowering consumers to play an active role in determining their own needs and directing their care. With the introduction of the new Aged Care Quality Standards from 1 July 2019, it is more important than ever that the experience of aged care consumers is put at the centre of planning, delivering and reviewing care. 

This resource recognises that placing consumers at the centre of their care is fundamental to quality care outcomes. This means significantly deepening engagement and developing a mutual partnership with consumers in all aspects of the planning, delivery and evaluation of care and services.

Working with aged care consumers - Resource

Consumer engagement in aged care - literature review

This literature review of co-design and consumer engagement aims to:

  • understand how co-design has been successfully applied in different sectors both in Australia and internationally, which could be applied in the Australian aged care sector
  • explore how co-design and consumer engagement are tailored for different purposes and to include consumers from diverse backgrounds
  • document existing successful practices of co-design and consumer engagement in aged care services, to support the delivery of consumer directed care
  • identify better practice strategies and tools for engaging with consumers and consider how these may be adapted to suit the Australian aged care context and be applied across different care settings on an ongoing basis.

Consumer engagement in aged care - Literature review

ACQSC Consumer engagement in aged care - Survey report

The purpose of this report is to describe the key themes and findings from online surveys of aged care consumers and aged care providers, regarding best practice models for engagement between consumers and providers.

Consumer engagement in aged care - Survey report

Consumer engagement resources and reports – External resources 

Effective, ongoing, responsive engagement strategies are still fundamental to every aspect of care services. Click on the following link to access: COTA Queensland resources on Consumer Engagement in Aged Care.

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