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Compliance assistance

Assisting services to achieve compliance

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission provides compliance assistance support at no direct cost to approved providers of aged care services.

We focus our compliance assistance and support for home care, Commonwealth home support, flexible care and residential aged care programs that are most in need.

Our compliance assistance education program Qassist provides tailored and targeted education sessions related to the applicable standards, quality principles, continuous improvement and the accreditation and quality review processes to those services that need it most.

Priorities for compliance assistance requests

We will prioritise requests for compliance assistance education under Qassist using the following criteria:

  • Services that are approaching a Quality Review for the first time
  • Services with Indigenous care recipients
  • Remote services
  • Services referred through compliance monitoring and case management processes
  • Services currently on a timetable for improvement
  • Homes with less than three years accreditation
  • Services that are new providers
  • Existing providers with new services
  • Services that have undertaken a self-assessment, and identified areas for improvement in quality and safety processes and systems

How to access compliance assistance

Referral - Some services will be referred through compliance monitoring and case management processes including as part of a timetable for improvement.

Request – the process for this education remains open to all providers but those meeting the above criteria will be prioritised for this service.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019 - 12:38pm