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Using New Standards images

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission provides images to visually represent the new Aged Care Quality Standards. These include clear graphics and easily identifiable icons associated with each Standard.  We encourage you to use and share these images to inform staff, providers and others about the new Standards. Please note there are guidelines attached to their use. 

Terms of Use
The Commonwealth owns the copyright to the images. You may use these images only:

  • if you are using them to educate or inform others about the New Aged Care Quality Standards
  • for non-commercial use. You cannot sell or use the images in a commercial production or for commercial gain
  • in an unaltered form. You cannot replicate the images using an altered design, or cut the Standards wheel into separate Standards
  • if you acknowledge the source of the images when republishing: Source: Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website
  • if you acknowledge that your use of the images does not constitute an endorsement by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission of your activities.

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