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COVID-19 etiquette – storyboards and user guides

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To support the aged care sector during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission is developing a range of new storyboards that are designed to illustrate key behaviours and priority issues.

The storyboards will be particularly helpful in supporting people whose English or literacy levels may be a barrier when it comes to accessing content relating to COVID-19 and are relevant to all providers and consumers, their families and representatives across the aged care sector.

These storyboards and posters deal with COVID-19 etiquette by focusing on the following topics:

  • social and physical distancing
  • self-isolation
  • sneezing and coughing (posters)

Please note - the sneezing and coughing posters have been designed so that users can either insert their own words after printing, or print and use the ones with words already inserted.

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Education and training
Health resources
Residential services
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