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The World Health Organisation has declared the coronavirus is a pandemic.
The Department of Health has prepared factsheets, including for aged care staff, residents and families to assist in control of the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID19). It is strongly recommended that you read these factsheets and revisit them every day or two because they will be updated as new information becomes available.

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What are psychotropic medications? 

Psychotropic medications are ‘any drug capable of affecting the mind, emotions and behaviour'

The three main classes of psychotropics prescribed are antidepressants, anxiolytic/hypnotics (mostly benzodiazepines to manage anxiety and insomnia) and antipsychotics. Other psychotropic classes include anticonvulsants and stimulants. 

Cover image of Psychotropic medications used in Australia information for aged care

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Fact sheets

If you are concerned about the quality of the aged care service you or the person you represent is receiving, an advocacy service may be able to help.

Cover image_How Aged Care Advocacy Can Help You Fact Sheet