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Information for consumers of aged care services, their families, carers and representatives about the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.
This resource is available in 25 different languages.

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The rights of consumers are protected by a Charter of Aged Care Rights. Download this helpful booklet for aged care service providers and their consumers.

This resource is not available to order on the Commission's website. Hard copies of the English version of the booklet are available at no cost from National Mailing and Marketing.

Language resources,
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The ‘A little yarn goes a long way’ brochure has been developed to inform older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and their friends and family, about the support available to help them resolve concerns about aged care services, and why it’s important to raise these concerns.

This resource is available in 7 different languages including: Alyawarra, Arrernte, English, Luritja, Pitjantjatjara, Torres Strait Creole and Warlpiri. 

Image of 'A little yarn goes a long way brochure' front cover
a_little_yarn-alyawarra.pdf  (PDF  4.45 MB)
a_little_yarn-arrernte.pdf  (PDF  4.39 MB)
a_little_yarn-english.pdf  (PDF  4.31 MB)
a_little_yarn-luritja.pdf  (PDF  4.42 MB)
a_little_yarn-tsi_creole.pdf  (PDF  4.45 MB)
a_little_yarn-warlpiri.pdf  (PDF  4.4 MB)
First Nations resources,
Image of 'A little yarn goes a long way brochure' front cover

If you need an interpreter, please call TIS National on 131 450 and ask them to call the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission on 1800 951 822. Our business hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday.

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