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18 September 2023

Joint letter to approved providers of residential aged care services from the Commission and the Australian Electoral Commission about the 2023 referendum and COVID-19 entry approach for mobile polling staff.



29 August 2023
Regulatory Bulletins,

This Regulatory Bulletin explains what procedural fairness is. 
It also explains the circumstances where the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission must provide procedural fairness and our approach to providing procedural fairness when making decisions.

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29 August 2023
Fact sheet,

As the national aged care regulator, part of the Commission’s role is to assess the performance of providers against the Aged Care Quality Standards. This fact sheet for providers explains how we apply procedural fairness to our regulatory decisions.

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25 August 2023
Fact sheet,

This fact sheet provides updated information for providers of aged care on effective infection prevention and control capability. This is critical to the safe, effective delivery of personal and clinical care in aged care. This is particularly the case during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.


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22 August 2023
Fact sheet,

The Commission recognises the known physical, psychosocial and nutritional impacts on older people if they experience extended periods of social isolation. This statement outlines what our position is on provider responsibilities relating to visitor access.

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21 August 2023
Fact sheet,

The spread of COVID-19 is increasing across the community and in residential aged care services. Of all the treatment measures available to services, rapid access to oral antivirals could make the biggest difference to consumers if they become infected with COVID-19.


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17 August 2023

Aged care providers are revolutionising the experience of aged care. In this video, Assistant Commissioner Lisa Peterson PSM highlights the remarkable efforts of some of the providers she met during the Enriching life through care roundtable program in 2022.

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8 August 2023
Fact sheet,

This fact sheet outlines what you and your care team can do to make your dining experience enjoyable.

The dining experience includes the food and drinks provided, the service you receive and the atmosphere. A good dining experience improves your wellbeing and increases your quality of life.

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25 July 2023
Regulatory Bulletins,

RB 2022-16 This Regulatory Bulletin outlines the changes to administration and management charges in the Home Care Packages (HCP) Program and the requirements for approved providers as set out in the changes to aged care legislation.


RB 2022-16: Changes to Administration and Management Charges in the Home Care Packages Program

20 July 2023

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) undertakes a range of regulatory activities to monitor compliance and mitigate risk to aged care consumers. The Commission has incorporated spot check monitoring of infection control practice into its usual regulatory activities. You can find more information about Infection control spot checks here

Should the Commission conduct an infection control spot check, they will use the Infection Control Monitoring Checklist

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3 July 2023

This guide is intended to assist organisations and their key personnel to complete an application for approval to provide aged care.

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14 June 2023

National Aged Care Provider Conference 2023. Our approach to assessing and monitoring quality aged care. Presentation by Anthony Speed Executive Director, Quality Assessment and Monitoring.


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14 June 2023
Regulatory Bulletins,

‘Additional care or services’ are care and services that are offered to residents of a residential aged care service by their provider, in addition to those that their provider is required to provide by law. By agreement with the resident, an approved provider can charge fees for additional care and services. 

This Regulatory Bulletin outlines the expectations of the Commission relating to providers’ responsibilities around the charging of fees for additional care and services. It also outlines the Commission’s response where a provider does not meet their responsibilities.

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14 June 2023
Regulatory Bulletins,

RB 2021-13 From 1 July 2021, approved providers have updated and specific responsibilities under the Aged Care Act 1997 (the Aged Care Act) and the Quality of Care Principles 2014 (the Principles) relating to the use of any restrictive practice in residential aged care and short-term restorative care in a residential care setting.

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12 May 2023
Fact sheet,

The resources on this page provide information on supporting partnerships in care. It will assist aged care providers work with partners in care and establish new partnerships.

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11 April 2023

The Commission's goal planning document is a support tool for providers to plan to improve food, dining, nutrition and consumer choice.


Goal planning document with an orange header and two tables with four columns and three rows

15 March 2023

This video explains the purpose and importance of the Prudential Standards. It outlines the responsibilities of aged care providers in managing refundable deposits and what they need to do to comply. It also discusses the consequences of not complying plus additional resources that can help.

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3 February 2023

A poster outlining how to raise a concern about the quality of care a person is receiving.

This resource is available in 25 different languages including: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Macedonian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

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25 January 2023
Fact sheet,

This food and dining preference sheet is to be completed by aged care residents, with assistance from staff, family, carer, or allied health, where required or requested.


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