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This fact sheet provides updated information for providers of aged care on effective infection prevention and control capability. This is critical to the safe, effective delivery of personal and clinical care in aged care. This is particularly the case during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.


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This provider fact sheet helps ensure services are doing everything possible to prevent, prepare for and reduce the impact of a COVID-19 outbreak. It features links to key resources available from the Commission, the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care and peak bodies.


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First page of the How prepared are you for a COVID-19 outbreak fact sheet with a block of turquoise colour at the top and two-column text.

The Commission recognises the known physical, psychosocial and nutritional impacts on older people if they experience extended periods of social isolation. This statement outlines what our position is on provider responsibilities relating to visitor access.

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The spread of COVID-19 is increasing across the community and in residential aged care services. Of all the treatment measures available to services, rapid access to oral antivirals could make the biggest difference to consumers if they become infected with COVID-19.


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A fact sheet for aged care residents, their families and representatives on your rights relating to COVID-19 restrictions in residential aged care.

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First page of COVID-19 restrictions in residential aged care – your rights fact sheet

This fact sheet helps providers understand requirements to appoint an eligible advisor when the Commission issues a Notice to Agree.

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On Monday 28 February 2022, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner, Janet Anderson, PSM, sent a letter to approved providers on the COVID-19 vaccine boosters.


This provider fact sheet explains their responsibilities regarding the management of new consumers who require restrictive practices or have started them before entering the service.

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