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30 June 2020
Fact sheet,

The advice in this resource has been prepared by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s Chief Clinical Advisor Dr Melanie Wroth, to support residential aged care services in Victoria in preparing for and responding to a COVID-19 outbreak. The advice is informed by the Commission’s involvement in monitoring and supporting providers to identify and mitigate pandemic-related risks, including managing an outbreak in their service, and the lessons learned from these experiences.

picture of cover of 'Are you alert and ready' document

2 June 2020
Fact sheet,

The Department of Health, in partnership with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission), is introducing a service compliance rating system for residential aged care services.

About the Service Compliance Rating

The rating system was developed in consultation with stakeholders, including senior Australians, their caregivers, aged care providers, and a range of peak bodies.

11 May 2020

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is helping providers to understand issues and their responsibilities around minimising the use of chemical and physical restraint. This includes ensuring that providers are appropriately documenting each instance of use.

Image of PRN stickers guide

18 March 2020
Regulatory Bulletins,

RB 2019-04 - This Regulatory Bulletin outlines how the Commission will respond to and manage non-compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Cover image Regulatory Bulletin Issue 2019-4

11 March 2020
Fact sheet,

Six steps for safe prescribing antipsychotics and benzodiazepines in residential aged care.

If you’re thinking of prescribing these medicines to manage the behaviours and psychological symptoms of dementia, follow these 6 steps.

Six steps for safe prescribing screenshot

20 January 2020

The rights of Consumers are protected by a Charter of Aged Care Rights.

This resource is not available to order on the Commission's website.

Charter of Aged Care Rights 2019 POSTER

3 January 2020
Fact sheet,

This fact sheet outlines how the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission supports providers to resolve complaints.

Provider resolution involves us referring complaint issues that a complainant raises with us to a provider to resolve. Where possible, we choose this approach as it is often the best way to have concerns effectively resolved.

Thumbnail image of Provider resolution fact sheet

2 January 2020

For more information see our Re-accreditation of residential aged care services web page.



Cover image Application for re-accreditation V1.4

16 December 2019
Fact sheet,

Key documents and information to be available at commencement of performance assessment

Every performance assessment at a service’s premises begins with an entry meeting between the person in charge at the service and the Assessment Team. The Assessment Team will request certain key documents during the entry meeting at site audits, review audits and assessment contacts where performance against the Aged Care Quality Standards (Quality Standards) is being assessed.

Image of Info sheet for providers initial docs requested

15 November 2019

An activity to raise awareness of the importance of identity culture and diversity

Design your care activity brochure - thumbnail image

9 August 2019

A practical guide developed by the Working Group on Influenza Outbreaks in Residential Care Facilities on behalf of the Communicable Diseases Network of Australia. The purpose of the document is to assist residential care services and carers by providing best practice information for the prevention and management of influenza outbreaks in residential care facilities.

Cover image Guidelines for the Prevention, Control and Public Health Management of Influenza Outbreaks in Residential Care Facilities in Australia

23 July 2019
Fact sheet,

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission has worked with a range of stakeholders to develop resources that help aged care providers understand the key concepts of clinical governance and how they can be applied in their service.

Female doctor helping a senior man

18 July 2019
Fact sheet,

This resource pack was sent to approved providers on 2nd January 2019. It contains helpful information on the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and the services we offer.

Cover Image_ACQSA Provider Pack

11 July 2019

Open disclosure is the open discussion that an aged care provider has with people receiving aged care services when something goes wrong that has harmed or had the potential to cause harm to a person receiving aged care service. With more than 1.3 million people receiving care in Australia, this is a crucial activity for providers to support continuous improvement within their service.

cover image of open disclosure framework and guidance PDF

4 July 2019

A downloadable chatterbox template to support aged care service providers and their consumers engage with the new Aged Care Quality Standards.

This resource is not available to order.

Downloadable Chatterbox template for the Aged Care Quality Standards

1 April 2019
Corporate publications,

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Statement of Expectations 2019.

Cover Image Statement of Expectation 2019

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