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This booklet aims to give guidance on how to:

  • create an effective, resolution focused complaints system in aged care services and how to enhance existing processes
  • maintain compliance with Standard 6
  • encourage a positive, blame-free culture around complaints handling in aged care services by fostering an understanding of the complaints process and how it affects the people involved, and setting out the essential elements for the effective management of complaints within a service including skills, procedures and policies.
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Fact sheets

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission handles a range of complaints every day. Some of these complaint issues can be handled solely by us, while others may need to be referred to another organisation.

There are a number of organisations we refer complaint information to when required:

Referrals to other organisations fact sheet

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Fact sheets

This fact sheet outlines how the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission supports providers to resolve complaints.

Provider resolution involves us referring complaint issues that a complainant raises with us to a provider to resolve. Where possible, we choose this approach as it is often the best way to have concerns effectively resolved.

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Fact sheets

This resource pack was sent to approved providers on 2nd January 2019. It contains helpful information on the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and the services we offer.

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