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Minimising Restraint in Home Services storyboard and user guide

Image of 'Minimising Restraint in Home Services' storyboard icon

To support the aged care sector, the Commission has developed a range of storyboards that are designed to illustrate key behaviours and priority issues. The storyboards are particularly helpful in supporting people whose English or literacy levels may be a barrier when it comes to accessing content and are relevant to all providers and consumers, their families and representatives across the aged care sector.

'Minimising Restraint in Home Services' storyboard and user guide

The ‘Minimising Restraint in the Home’ storyboard and explainer is intended be used to start conversations within your service about what constitutes restraint, the impact of restraint and ways the use of restraint in the home can be minimised. 

In addition to this storyboard resource, we encourage you to access the more detailed information available on  the Commission’s website: 

Wednesday, 18 November 2020 - 1:19pm