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Quality review key changes fact sheet


Part of a fact sheet series related to Key changes under the new Commission Act and Rules

Participating services and programs

Quality reviews will be conducted for home services that provide home care services, home support services and short-term restorative care. Services delivering NATSIFCP will continue to have their quality review cycle under the Quality Framework. Please see the Language Glossary for a further explanation of these terms.

Combined quality reviews

If a provider provides different service types in a home care setting, the Commissioner may decide to conduct a quality review of those services at the same time.

Quality assessors

Quality reviews will now be conducted by registered quality assessors. This has replaced ‘quality reviewer’ in the Rules. Quality assessors employed by the Commission are trained to undertake assessment activities in both residential and home services.

Notification of site visit

A quality review must include a site visit to the premises of the home service provider of the service. It may include a site visit to the premises on which the service is provided, for example, where a service is provided by a contractor (such as meal preparation) or the home of a care recipient. The occupier of these premises must have consented to entry before the site visit can occur.

The Commissioner will generally provide the home service with notification of the date or dates of the site visit. The Rules do not specify the period of notification (previously at least 28 days) in informing a provider of the site visit.

If the Commissioner considers on reasonable grounds the service is not complying with the standards there is no requirement to provide notification of the date or dates of a site visit.

This has implications for how providers inform aged care consumers and their nominated representatives of the site visit so that they have the opportunity to talk to the quality assessors if they want.

The provider must take all reasonable steps to use the form of words provided by the Commissioner to tell each consumer and their nominated representatives of the site visit. A provider’s ability to inform consumers/representatives will depend on the circumstances, such as the notification period for the site visit, the number of consumers receiving services and the geographic disbursement of those consumers. 

Site visit meetings

On each day of the site visit there is to be a site meeting between one of the quality assessors and the provider to discuss the progress of the visit. This does not preclude all quality assessors on site from attending the meeting.

Interim report

For every quality review of a home service the quality assessors must prepare a written interim report about the service, which is given to the Commissioner within 7 days after the last site visit is completed.

The Commissioner, as soon as practicable after receiving the interim report, must give it to the home service provider.

The home service provider will continue to have 14 days to provide a written response from receipt of the interim report.

Final report

While the 20 day time frame will continue to apply to provision of the final report to the provider, the final report will now include:

  • a timetable for improvement, where non-compliance with the standards has been found
  • arrangements for assessment contacts with the service.

The quality review process finishes at this point, and any non-compliance is dealt with under the monitoring provisions of the Rules.

For more information about the quality review process visit the quality review page on the Commission’s website.

Regulatory Policy Helpdesk

For support in understanding the Rules and their operational implications, please contact the Regulatory Policy team at or speak with your local Regional office.


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