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RB 2021-13 Regulation of restrictive practices and the role of the Senior Practitioner, Restrictive Practices

RB 2021-13-1.1 From 1 July 2021, approved providers have updated the specific responsibilities under the Aged Care Act 1997 (the Aged Care Act) and the Quality of Care Principles 2014 (the Principles) relating to the use of any restrictive practice in residential aged care and short-term restorative care in a residential care setting.

The revised Regulatory Bulletin, published on 1 March 2022, includes updates to the Senior Practitioner, Restrictive Practices information and new frequently asked questions items 2, 2a-2c.

Download this Regulatory Bulletin via the links above.

For more information, visit the Regulatory Bulletin page.

Tuesday, 1 March 2022 - 2:28pm

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