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A Voice and Choice in Quality Care Brochure


Download the brochure in the link above.

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission publish Consumer Experience Reports on residential aged care services. These reports help consumers make decisions about care and services.

How do we assess quality in aged care?

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission is an independent statutory authority that accredits and monitors residential aged care services to ensure they comply with the aged care quality standards for the quality of care and services in aged care (Aged Care Quality Standards). This helps ensure older people receive the best care possible.

All residential aged care services need to meet the Aged Care Quality Standards to receive Government subsidies. These Standards cover areas such a consumer dignity and choice, personal and clinical care, services and supports for daily living, and staffing and management.

Services that meet the standards are accredited for a certain period, and can continue to receive government funding. If services are not meeting the expected standards, then the Australian Government will hold them to account.

Other ways the Commission helps to ensure quality in aged care is through education and guidance for providers, and consultation with consumers and other key stakeholders.

How can consumers be involved in assessing quality?

During an accreditation site audit, the Commission uses interviews, observations and a review of documentation to help assess the quality of care and services provided in residential aged care services against the Aged Care Quality Standards.

The Commission interviews a minimum of 10% of consumers and their representatives during a site audit visit. Providers must give notice to consumers and their representatives that an audit will be conducted by the Commission. You can tell us about the quality of care and services by contacting us on 1800 951 822.

Another way consumers can provide their views is through Consumer Experience interviews.

How does the Commission report on quality in aged care?

The Commission publishes reports about the quality of care and services provided in each government-funded residential aged care service. The Commission makes these reports publicly available on its website at

Accreditation Audit Reports show the results of accreditation audits conducted at residential aged care services – showing how each service performs against the Quality Standards.

Consumer Experience Reports provide information about how consumers experience that quality of care and services they receive in each service. The Commission interview a random sample of consumers during the site audits.

What do Consumer Experience Reports tell me?

The report for each service shows how a random sample of consumers responded to 10 key questions covering aspects of the Aged Care Quality Standards at the service. For example:

  • Do staff treat you with respect?
  • Do you feel safe here?
  • Do staff meet your healthcare needs?
  • Do staff follow up when you raise things with them?
  • Do staff explain things to you?
  • Do you like the food here?

Will my feedback be confidential?

A Consumer Experience Report does not identify individual consumers in the report. It is published for services undergoing re-accreditation, where minimum sample requirements for consumer interviews can be met.

How were Consumer Experience Reports developed?

A working group comprised of consumers and industry representatives informed the development of the reports. The work was underpinned by research conducted by the University of Sydney. Experts from La Trobe University developed and tested the questions. The result is user-friendly reports that can be easily accessed and understood by consumers.

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