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Review of the Restraints Principles legislation

Australian Healthcare Associates (AHA) is seeking the views of current or previous aged care consumers and their families, friends or representatives about experiences of restraint in residential aged care since the Restraint Principles were first introduced on 1 July 2019. The AHA is looking to engage with consumers via a telephone interview, during which no information that could identify the consumer or aged care service will be asked for. 

Taking part in the project is voluntary. If you choose to participate, you will be asked about your views and experience of the use of restraint in residential aged care. The interview will take about 20-40 minutes and will ask you about: 

  • What prompted you to take part in this project 
  • Whether you’d heard of the Restraints Principles before taking part in this project 
  • Your experiences of restraint 
  • What could be improved based on your experience of restraint 
  • Whether there were any parts of your experience of restraint that worked well 
  • How information about restraint could be made clearer.

Views can be shared confidentially by calling AHA on 1300 119 564 (9 am -5 pm AEST) to complete the phone interview (interpreters available on request).

Further information about the review of the Restraint Principles and interview process are available on the AHA website, or you can contact AHA by email at 

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 - 1:06pm