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4 March 2022

On Friday 4 March 2022, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner, Janet Anderson, PSM, sent a letter to QLD and NSW home service providers regarding consumer care during flood events.

11 November 2021
Regulatory Bulletins,

RB 2021-14 This Regulatory Bulletin outlines the Commission’s regulatory approach where there is a transfer in ownership of a residential aged care service from one approved provider to another.

Cover image - RB 2021-14 Change in service ownership

1 July 2021
Fact sheet,

This fact sheet provides information about the revised incident management obligations within Standard 8 for home services providing aged care.

First page of Home services: Incident management systems fact sheet

1 July 2021

The Storyboards and User Guides for this series are combined into one resource. To support the aged care sector, the Commission has developed a range of storyboards that are designed to illustrate key behaviours and priority issues. The storyboards are particularly helpful in supporting people whose English or literacy levels may be a barrier when it comes to accessing content and are relevant to all providers and consumers, their families and representatives across the aged care sector.

'Minimising Restraint in Home Services' storyboard and user guide

Image of   'Minimising Restraint in Home Services' storyboard icon - cartoon

1 July 2021
Fact sheet,

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of the process for preparing to return several residents to their residential aged care facility (RACF) from hospital.

Image of cover art - Information to support the repatriation of residents – general guidance

9 July 2021

How to stay safe from COVID-19 video is available in 15 different languages. The video aims to help consumers understand the steps they can take to keep themselves safe during the current pandemic. 

Image of COVID-19 video translations infographic showing icons: wash your hands, vaccination injection, and an older man

12 October 2020

This template is used to refer key information, feedback or concerns about care and services for Residential Aged Care Providers and Home Service Providers to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

Image of 'Referral of information to Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission template'

25 August 2020

In the event of an outbreak of COVID-19 at a residential service, the service’s Outbreak Management Team and key personnel at the service will be working in close co-operation with public health authorities and other parties to ensure an effective emergency response.  A key personnel template has been developed to assist providers in identifying key personnel of the service and their contact details to support this response. 

Key personnel template

1 July 2020

This advice has been prepared by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s Chief Clinical Advisor Dr Melanie Wroth, to support home services delivering aged care in Victoria in preparing for and responding to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The advice is informed by the Commission’s national involvement in monitoring and supporting providers to identify and mitigate pandemic-related risks, including managing continued delivery of services in ways that reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection and transmission, and ensuring appropriate infection control practices are used by home care staff.

Are you alert and ready - Home Care Services cover image

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