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Aged Care Quality Standards

22 April 2022

The Commission has developed a number of resources to help aged care consumers understand what dignity of risk is and what actions you should expect from your provider. The dignity of risk is another way of saying you have the right to live the life you choose.

3 circles(purple an elderly lady with a thinking bubble which says make sure you understand the risks to you and others, orange circle with 2 ladies with speech bubbles wit the words work with you to manage those risks, yellow green circle with a speech bubble one of them has a heart and the other is a blank speech bubble and has the words respect your decision) with on a teal background .

21 April 2022

This short animation video provides a helpful explanation of what dignity of risk is and a brief overview of what you should expect from your provider.

2 ladies talking with empty chat bubbles on a light orange background

18 February 2022

This video explains what person-centred care means and how you can work with your provider to achieve it. 

man inside a circle on top of 4 houses

18 February 2022

The poster and video will support you in understanding person-centred care.

Poster with: What is person centered care? in white text on a blue background. There are four circles: pink(work with you and your representatives, grey (talk with you about your preferences), yellow (risk - support you to take risks), and sky blue with an aged person.

15 November 2021

Cost Recovery Implementation Statement 2021–22 (published 15 November 2021 7:09 am)

30 June 2021
Application (app),

The Aged Care Quality Standards app supports you access the Quality Standards from your mobile device. It's free to download.

Three screenshots of the Quality Standards app - home page with Standards in a wheel, Commisson's logo and Standard 1

1 July 2021
Fact sheet,

This fact sheet provides information about the revised incident management obligations within Standard 8 for home services providing aged care.

First page of Home services: Incident management systems fact sheet

23 July 2021
Fact sheet,

A fact sheet outlining the Aged Care Quality Standards.

This resource is not available to order.

 Image of Aged Care Quality Standards PDF

24 August 2021

On Thursday 10 December 2020, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner Janet Anderson hosted a webinar on the recently released new outbreak management planning in aged care guide for aged care providers.

Image of Outbreak Management Planning in Aged Care webinar thumbnail

7 January 2022

This report describes the key themes and findings from online surveys of aged care consumers and aged care providers, regarding best practice models for engagement between consumers and providers.

Consumer engagement in aged care - Survey report cover pic

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