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Assessment processes

6 April 2023
Fact sheet,

Review of the Aged Care Quality Standards was a key recommendation of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. The Commission is contributing to the review in our role as the national regulator of aged care services. This fact sheet provides further information about our Strengthened Quality Standards pilot project, commencing early 2023.


Strengthened Quality Standards pilot project – Consumer fact sheet image

23 January 2023

Low-value urine dipstick testing practice in aged care is a common, yet modifiable, driver of antibiotic overuse for conditions such as asymptomatic bacteriuria.

The Commission undertook a project to evaluate the feasibility and useability of To Dip Or Not To Dip (TDONTD) in Australian aged care services.


First page segment of the To Dip or Not to Dip project summary

1 June 2023
Regulatory Bulletins,

RB 2021-12 This Regulatory Bulletin outlines how an approved provider can apply for reconsideration of a reviewable decision under Part 8B of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Act 2018 and Part 7 of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Rules 2018.

First page of RB 2021-12 Reconsideration of reviewable decisions

Every performance assessment at a residential service begins with an entry meeting between the person in charge at the service and the Assessment Team.

The Commission has developed a set of standard risk-based questions that will be asked on commencement of a performance assessment.

15 June 2021
Regulatory Bulletins,

RB 2020-10 This Regulatory Bulletin covers the registration requirements and process for quality assessors, including information on why registration may be cancelled by the Commission.

Regulatory Bulletin 2020-10 cover image

23 August 2021
Fact sheet,

These scenarios cover a range of examples to help providers understand issues around the use of restrictive practices. They are intended to be illustrative only, and should not be relied upon as authority.

Cover of the Restrictive practices scenarios booklet

29 July 2020
Regulatory Bulletins,

RB 2019-06 This Regulatory Bulletin outlines the principles and practices that form the Commission’s framework for making decisions relating to its regulatory functions. It outlines how the Commission will ensure high quality and consistent decision-making under the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Act 2018 and Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Rules 2018.

cover image regulatory bulletin 2019-6 on regulatory decision making

5 August 2021
Corporate publications,

A document detailing the Commission’s approach to delivering regulatory functions under the Aged Care Quality and Safety Act 2018, in accordance with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Rules 2018.

Regulatory strategy 2020

23 August 2021
Regulatory Bulletins,

RB 2019-05 This Regulatory Bulletin outlines the assessment methodology used by quality assessors when undertaking performance assessments under the Aged Care Quality Standards. It describes the Commission’s systematic approach to assessment of provider performance as a key element of its regulatory practice.

Cover image of the Commission's regulatory bulletin issue 2019-5

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