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Minimising the use of restrictive practices

17 January 2022
Fact sheet,

This provider fact sheet explains their responsibilities regarding the management of new consumers who require restrictive practices or have started them before entering the service.

Cover page: A young lady with long hair and glasses next to elderly man who is sitting

22 December 2021

This guidance provides information for providers on the problem solving model supports the key elements of an effective incident management system.

Cover of Reporting serious incidents Using a problem solving approach to enhance effective incident management

29 October 2021

The Commission has developed a package of resources to help consumers understand the new restrictive practices requirements.

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22 September 2021
Fact sheet,

This fact sheet provides information for residential aged care providers on behaviour support plans for each consumer who requires it, as part of their care.

Cover of Behaviour support plans fact sheet with an elderly lady with pearls talking to a younger lady

31 August 2021

We hosted a webinar on 23 August 2021 which covered the behaviour support planning requirements under the restrictive practices legislation.

Restrictive practices - behaviour support planning webinar 23 August 2021

This page contains a wide range of resources for consumers so they can better understand the new laws and guidelines that are now in place to help eliminate

23 August 2021
Fact sheet,

This fact sheet covers the frequently asked questions about consent in aged care.

Cover of Frequently asked questions about consent

23 August 2021
Fact sheet,

This fact sheet provides information about consent for medication in aged care.

Cover of Consent for medication in aged care fact sheet

23 August 2021
Fact sheet,

This fact sheet provides an overview of the use of restrictive practices in aged care.

Cove of Overview of restrictive practices fact sheet

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