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Contract listings

Commonwealth entities report their procurement contracts on AusTender to comply with the requirements of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

From 1 July 2015, reports will be generated by the Department of Finance and published by AusTender on behalf of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and can be accessed under the Senate Order tab on the AusTender website.

Reports published by AusTender are required to provide information about the following matters:

  • the relevant reporting period;
  • the estimated cost of complying with the order and method used to make this estimate;
  • the following details for each contract over $100,000 (GST inclusive) entered into by the agency which has not been fully performed, or which was entered into during the previous 12 months:
    • contractor;
    • contract value;
    • contract description;
    • commencement and completion dates;
    • confidentiality provisions or confidentiality requirements; and
    • reasons for confidentiality.

The full set of guidance regarding the Senate Order on entity contracts is specified in Resource Management Guide No. 403 - Meeting the Senate Order on Entity Contracts - PDF 269 KB.


For the purposes of this list, “other requirements of confidentiality” means where there are any other requirements, which require the provisions of the contract itself, or parts of it, to be kept confidential.

Confidentiality clauses of a general nature are included in all Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission standard form contracts, i.e. they all contain clauses requiring the contractor to maintain confidentiality of Commonwealth confidential information and to protect personal information.

Please note: requests by members of the public for access to government information, including details of any of the contracts listed in Senate Order 192 will be considered in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Senate Order on Quality Agency contracts

From the 2014-15 reporting period, AusTender is responsible for producing and publishing each entity’s report for the relevant period, based on existing AusTender contract notice data.

AusTender contract notice data.

Cost of compliance

The total cost of compliance is calculated based on the nominal salary level of each staff member involved, the hours dedicated to the task and associated on-costs.


Enquiries should be directed to Director Finance on (02) 9633 1711.

Further guidance on procurement reporting requirements is available at the Department of Finance webpage.

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