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Unexpected death

Could the death have resulted from a mistake by the provider, an employee, contractor or someone otherwise engaged by the provider?
Could the death have resulted from a failure of the provider to deliver care and services in line with a consumer’s assessed care needs?
Could the death have resulted from care or services that were poorly managed or not in line with best practice?

Not reportable

Based on the information that you have provided it appears that this death is not a reportable incident under the SIRS. Depending on the context you may need to report the death to another authority such as your State Coroner.

In addition, this incident, like all incidents, should be managed using your service’s Incident Management System, or IMS.

It is important that your IMS is able to record incidents in a way that allows you to identify patterns of incidents that may reflect an ongoing risk or systemic issue.

For more information, please refer to the Effective incident management systems: Best practice Guidance and the Unexpected death fact sheet.

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Reportable incident

Based on the information you have provided it appears that this incident is an Unexpected death reportable incident.

Unexpected deaths must be reported to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission within 24 hours of you becoming aware of the incident.

You must report the incident through the My Aged Care Provider Portal.

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