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The Commission’s principal role is to protect and enhance the safety, health, well-being and quality of life of people receiving aged care funded by the Australian Government. We are committed to promoting the provision of high quality care and services for these individuals. We will be the single point of contact for complaints, quality and regulation in aged care which will strengthen the focus on consumers, streamline regulation, support better engagement with and between consumers and providers, and promote transparency.

The Commission is led by an independent Commissioner – Janet Anderson – who reports directly to the Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care.

Janet Anderson, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner

Janet Anderson

Janet is a career public servant who for the last 20 years has held a range of executive positions at Commonwealth, State and regional levels, working in the areas of health and aged care policy, strategy and planning.

After stints in the NSW Department of Health, the Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Commonwealth Department of Health, Janet took up the position of Deputy CEO, and then acting CEO, of the Northern Territory Department of Health. While in the Northern Territory, she was also in charge of leading the government’s response to the Royal Commission into child protection and youth justice.

In 2009, Janet was awarded a Public Service Medal for her contributions to health system policy.

The Commissioner is supported by an experienced Executive Leadership team and a highly skilled, experienced staff.

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