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The Commission

The Commission’s principal role is to protect and enhance the safety, health, well-being and quality of life of people receiving aged care funded by the Australian Government. We are committed to promoting the provision of high quality care and services for these individuals. We will be the single point of contact for complaints, quality and regulation in aged care which will strengthen the focus on consumers, streamline regulation, support better engagement with and between consumers and providers, and promote transparency.

The Commission is led by an independent Commissioner – Janet Anderson – who reports directly to the Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care. The Commissioner’s Executive Team will initially comprise the executives who previously reported directly to either the CEO of the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency or the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner. These individuals are listed below.


Janet Anderson

Janet Anderson, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner

Janet is a career public servant who for the last 20 years has held a range of executive positions at Commonwealth, State and regional levels, working in the areas of health and aged care policy, strategy and planning. 

After stints in the NSW Department of Health, the Commonwealth Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Commonwealth Department of Health, Janet took up the position of Deputy CEO, and then acting CEO, of the Northern Territory Department of Health.  While in the Northern Territory, she was also in charge of leading the government’s response to the Royal Commission into child protection and youth justice.

In 2009, Janet was awarded a Public Service Medal for her contributions to health system policy.


Image of Dr Melanie Wroth, Commission Chief Clinical Advisor

Dr Melanie Wroth, Chief Clinical Advisor

Dr Wroth graduated in Medicine from the University of Sydney in 1981 and became a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians in 1992. She began her longstanding involvement in medical care for older Australians in 1990.

Dr Wroth is a Senior Staff Specialist in Geriatric Medicine at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. She has been extensively engaged in clinical teaching especially in Geriatric Medicine, and is a Clinical Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney. She has been a consultant to the NSW Medical Council, and is a senior member of the Guardianship Division of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.


Ann Wunsch

Ann Wunsch, Executive Director, Quality Assessment and Monitoring Operations

Ann Wunsch has held a number of roles over the past decade at the former Australian Aged Care Quality Agency and its predecessor, the Accreditation Agency, including General Manager of the Education Division, and General Manager of the Operations Division.

Prior to joining the Accreditation Agency in 2005, Ann worked in the disability services sector in NSW for over 20 years in a range of roles from management of services in non-government agencies, serving on non-government boards of management, providing policy advice to the NSW Government and working within regulatory environment. From 2004 – 2014, Ann served as a part-time member of the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal, in the Guardianship and Protected Estates division.  

Ann has been a surveyor for ISQua since 2010 and represents the Commission on the ISQua Accreditation Council.


Pam Christie

Pam Christie, Executive Director, Industry Engagement and Communications

Pam Christie has extensive experience working across a range of government, statutory and senior executive roles in the areas of regulation and education for over 20 years.

Prior to joining the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, Pam worked as Executive Director, Regulatory Operations at the Australian Skills Quality Authority with responsibility for leading student-centred reforms to the national regulatory model. Pam was previously the Managing Director of TAFE NSW, with responsibility for forging partnerships and driving transformational change across the organisation to position TAFE NSW for success in a more contestable environment.

She is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, an Honorary Senior Fellow, L H Martin Institute, University of Melbourne and a graduate of the ANZSOG Executive Fellows Program.


Shona Reid

Shona Reid, Executive Director, Performance, Education and Policy - Complaints

Shona has had a public sector career spanning 20 years, including a period of time consulting in the private sector. 

She has worked at the senior executive level in a number of small and large federal government departments, specialising in organisational change, dispute resolution, customer service, stakeholder engagement, HR and large scale project management.

In 2015, Shona led the transitioning of the Aged Care Complaints Scheme from the Department of Health to being run by an independent Aged Care Complaints Commissioner, and took up the role of Assistant Aged Care Complaints Commissioner, for 3 years.


Christina Bolger

Christina Bolger, Executive Director, Regulatory Policy and Performance

Christina Bolger brings a wealth of experience having held leadership roles in the APS across policy, regulation and service delivery. 

She previously worked at Comcare, the Commonwealth statutory authority for Work Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation. She led design and delivery of regulatory programs with a national reach to public and private sector workplaces. 

Christina has a strong history of collaboration with duty holders to understand problems and better equip industry to address them through access to the right education, information and promotion of innovation in practice. 

Christina has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy), a Bachelor of Arts (ANU) and a Masters in Public Administration (ANZSOG, ANU).


Viv Daniels

Viv Daniels, National Manager, Complaints Operations

Viv Daniels has had a successful and varied career in both the public and private sector over the last 30 years. 

She previously held the role of National Manager Complaints Operations Aged Care Complaints Commissioner before the transition to the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. 

Viv has overall responsibility for 140 employees who are working to resolve complaints about government funded aged care services including Residential care or residential respite care, Home care packages, Commonwealth Home Support Programme, Flexible care, which includes transition care, innovative care or multi-purpose services and National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Programme (NATSIFACP).


Charles Grady

Charles Grady, General Manager, Corporate Services

Charles Grady brings significant experience across state and federal government in business and executive services. 

Prior to joining the Quality Agency in 2014, he worked in various human service departments in Queensland. 

He brings significant experience leading and delivering corporate services, executive services, strategic and operational planning within the public sector context.

Charles holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with majors in Finance and Economics from Bond University.

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