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This fact sheet explains the benefits, processes and outcomes of home care pricing audits.

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Approved providers must use this form to give the Commission notice of a material change and specified key personnel events.


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This fact sheet includes suggested questions you can ask your provider about how prepared they are for an infectious disease outbreak (including COVID-19). It also includes links to a range of resources to help you feel safe, informed and connected.

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The Aged Care Act 1997 and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Act 2018 were amended to strengthen the governance arrangements of approved providers. These introduce specific changes aimed at improving leadership and culture and increasing transparency and accountability.  

This regulatory bulletin discusses the strengthened provider governance responsibilities for approved providers concerning their governing body. It also explains how we will regulate these responsibilities. 

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This fact sheet is for people receiving aged care services and provides information on the Commission’s dedicated Food, Nutrition and Dining Hotline to receive questions, concerns and complaints about food, nutrition and dining in aged care.

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First page of Do you have questions about your food, nutrition and dining in aged care? fact sheet.

This fact sheet is for aged care providers and provides information on the Commission’s dedicated Food, Nutrition and Dining Hotline to receive questions, concerns and complaints about food, nutrition and dining in aged care.

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First page of About the Food, Nutrition and Dining Hotline provider fact sheet.

This report uses data, case studies and guided questions to identify learnings about good complaint handling that can be applied by residential and home services aged care providers in their services. The report also includes questions for boards and senior leadership to help guide complaints handling.

acqsc-complaints-report.pdf  (PDF  886.71 KB)
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This food and dining preference sheet is to be completed by aged care residents, with assistance from staff, family, carer, or allied health, where required or requested.


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You have the right to make choices about your life in residential aged care. This includes what you eat, drink and your dining experience. The Aged Care Quality Standards state that you can make informed choices and live the life you choose.


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This fact sheet outlines what you and your care team can do to make your dining experience enjoyable.

The dining experience includes the food and drinks provided, the service you receive and the atmosphere. A good dining experience improves your wellbeing and increases your quality of life.

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This fact sheet provides an overview of how your care team (cooks, chefs, food service and care staff) can support you to make ongoing, informed choices about your food, drink and dining experience.


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In this short video, Tara Pamula, Acting Assistant Commissioner for the Sector Capability and Regulatory Strategy Division, discusses when the strengthened Aged Care Standards will be implemented and the role of the Commission.

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These colouring resources have been designed specifically for the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission with the intention of providing a multifaceted creative experience for older Australians living in residential or home aged care settings, and for the people who care for them.

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The Good Spirit Good Life (GSGL) assessment package is a resource available to support aged care providers in the delivery of culturally safe aged care for First Nations Peoples. Developed by the University of Western Australia, the resource has been developed and validated for use with older Aboriginal Australians, aged 45 years and over, who live in urban or regional areas.

The GSGL package is a resource that providers might want to consider. It comprises an assessment tool, framework, training guide, and recommendations informed by Aboriginal Elders. 

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Good spirit

Letter from Commissioner Janet Anderson PSM and Complaints Commissioner Louise Macleod to approved providers of residential and home services on the Commission’s new report on Complaints about Aged Care Services – Insights for providers released on 20 November 2023.

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This training PowerPoint is a presentation that trainers/managers can download, customise and use to promote discussion and educate their staff to support and improve the food, nutrition and dining experience of consumers in their care. 
The training resource supports an exploration of food, nutrition and dining in aged care, specifically: 

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