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The Happy Hour Trolley

Our theme to inspire you is the ‘Happy Hour Trolley’. Think mocktails and fun snacks! 

The trolley serves up:

  • bite-sized tasty treats and morsels (which can be held in the hand without the need for a plate or cutlery)
  • colourful, fruit or milk-based smoothies served in decorative plastic cocktail glasses and garnished with little paper umbrellas, striped straws, and swizzle sticks to give a festive feel.

You can roll it out for special occasions or on a regular basis. When providers have presented this simple yet engaging idea to residents, they report that it generates a ‘buzz’, increases enjoyment in the dining experience and brings the community together. It can also have a positive impact on both the mental and physical wellbeing of residents. Add a little music to brighten the festivities.

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