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Speaker request expression of interest

The Commission considers speaker/attendance requests from external organisations.

If you would like to request a Commission representative to participate in your meeting or event, please complete this form.

Our Privacy Policy outlines how the Commission complies with the Privacy Act 1988 when handling personal information. You may wish to refer to this policy before proceeding.

Please note: required fields are highlighted. 

Contact details
Meeting/event details
Please provide the details of your meeting or event.
Are the date and time confirmed?
Can a Commission representative join virtually?
For example wide screen, audio file type
Please provide information on the size, background and level of familiarity with the subject matter
Will there be other speakers at the event?
Please provide their names, organisation/s and topic covered (if known)
If so, how much is it?
If available
Is your request a speaker or attendance request?
Presentation details
What are you hoping the audience will gain?
Attendance details
Is this a one-time or recurring meeting/event?
Does it require the Commission's regular attendance? If so, please specify the frequency
What is the format of this meeting/event and what input is expected from the Commission’s participant?
Additional information
Do you require a biography and/or photograph?
Will media be attending the event?

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