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Statement from Ms Janet Anderson PSM, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner - St Basil’s Home for the Aged, Victoria

  • Media Release

6 August 2020

The Commission has been actively engaged with the approved provider of St Basil’s Home for the Aged in Victoria, which operates under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia. We are focusing on monitoring and supporting their efforts both to manage the outbreak and to respond to complaints from residents and families.

The Commission took regulatory action in relation to the approved provider following concerns identified about the serious impact of the outbreak on the residents and staff. This included ongoing challenges identified in the provider’s response to implementing an effective outbreak response in a timely manner, and in fulfilling responsibilities to provide timely communication relating to the individual care of residents.

Our regulatory action (on 26 July 2020) required the approved provider to:

  • not admit any new residents until the risks have been adequately addressed
  • immediately appoint an independent adviser (agreed with the Commission) to ensure the health and well-being of residents
  • provide regular reports to the Commission on a specified set of key issues.

As required, St Basil’s has appointed an independent expert who is providing advice and guidance to ensure that the approved provider is taking all necessary steps to return the service to compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards as quickly as possible. Issues still to be addressed by St Basil’s include ensuring that the site is safe and fit for the provision of care, and confirming the availability of a sufficient number of staff who have been cleared to return to work after their period of self-isolation. The provider must also ensure that returning staff are appropriately trained in infection control practices.

The Commission has also received eighteen complaints about the St Basil’s service in the last two weeks (some relating to the period before the outbreak). The provider is being asked to respond to these complaints to satisfactorily address the concerns raised.

St Basil’s is responsible for communicating with residents and their families about the timing of individual residents’ return to the facility. The return of residents to the service is contingent on the Commission’s confidence that the service is compliant with the Quality Standards and is capable of providing safe, quality care and services.

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