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Review audits

Review audits assess residential aged care providers against the Aged Care Quality Standards. We initiate audits when a provider doesn't meet the standards.

We conduct audits at the provider's premises. Our Assessment Team includes at least 2 quality assessors.

Review audits may be either:

  • prearranged ('announced')
  • conducted without notice ('unannounced').

We may also do a review audit if the Commissioner knows the provider has:

  • had a change in circumstances
  • transferred allocated places
  • changed premises since the last accreditation.

The audit process

We can conduct review audits at any time of day or night. This includes weekends and public holidays.

The process includes the following steps:

  1. The Commissioner appoints the Assessment Team to do the review audit. We grant the team search powers for regulatory purposes.
  2. The Assessment Team goes to the provider's premises and asks to enter. They carry credentials and a letter from the Commissioner confirming their visit.
  3. When the Assessment Team enter, they request key documents. The provider should give these documents to the team within an hour. The team also asks standard risk-based questions.
  4. The Assessment Team meets with at least 10% of the people using the aged care service. They can also meet their representatives if required.
  5. Each day of the audit, a member of the Assessment Team prepares a progress update. They give this to the person in charge of the service.
  6. On the final day of the audit, an Assessment Team member meets with the person in charge. They discuss key issues and areas of concern.

After the audit

When the audit concludes, we send an audit report to the provider and Commissioner. The report details the provider's performance against the Quality Standards.

The provider can respond to the report within 14 days.

We then prepare a performance report within 28 days of receiving the audit report. We also publish the performance report on our website.

The performance report helps the Commissioner decide whether to revoke the provider's accreditation.

Decision to revoke

If the Commissioner decides to revoke accreditation, we'll tell the provider:

  • why we've reached this decision
  • when the revocation takes effect
  • how to apply for reconsideration (they must do this within 14 days).

Decision not to revoke

If the Commissioner decides not to revoke accreditation, we'll tell the provider:

  • why we've made this decision
  • whether we've varied their accreditation.
  • how they can improve to meet the Quality Standards.

If we vary a provider's accreditation, they can apply for reconsideration within 14 days.

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