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Star ratings

The Star Ratings system applies to residential aged care homes.

It provides information about a provider's quality of care.

This helps people who need aged care to make informed choices.

We're responsible for the Compliance Rating.

The Department of Health and Aged Care handles these ratings:

  • Quality Measures
  • Residents’ Experience
  • Staffing Minutes.

Compliance rating

★ Significant Improvement needed

Non-compliance decision type: 

  • Notice of Decision to Impose Sanction
  • Notice of Requirement to Agree
  • Issuance of Infringement Notice – Victimisation
  • Issuance of Infringement Notice – Compliance Notice.

★★ Improvement needed 

Non-compliance decision type:

  • Notice to Remedy (NTR) 
  • Compliance Notice – Code of Conduct (CCCN)
  • Compliance Notice – Incident Management (IMCN)*
  • Compliance Notice – Restrictive practices (RPCN)*.

★★★ Acceptable 

Non-compliance decision type: revise the current plan for continuous improvement.


Providers resolve all non-compliance and no current non-compliance for up to one year.

★★★★ Good 

No non-compliance between one and 3 years.***

★★★★★ Excellent 

No non-compliance for 3 years.** 


Accreditation granted for 3 years.***


(Null status: no stars)

Change in service ownership, commencing homes/services, merged services.

* Our Compliance Notices follow paragraph (a) of the relevant subsection in Section 74EE of the Commission Act.

** Where the accreditation decision followed a site audit.

*** Where the same approved provider operated the service for at least the same duration.

After a non-compliance decision, we track the provider's response.

We update compliance ratings daily, immediately impacting a provider's Star Rating.

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