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Notifying material changes for approved providers

Approved providers are required to notify the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner of changes that materially affect their suitability to provide aged care within 28 days after the change occurs.

A material change is one that is substantial or considerable in nature. For example, the approved provider:

  • is no longer an incorporated organisation
  • is unable to meet any of the Aged Care Quality Standards
  • is unable to manage its financial responsibilities including subsidies and care recipient’s fees and payments
  • makes a change which may affect the rights of aged care recipients
  • makes substantial changes to its organisational or governance structure such as
    • entering into a sub-contract arrangement for delivery of clinical care
    • use of a management company to manage the day-to-day operations of the organisation
    • change to key personnel

These are examples only and approved providers should consider each situation individually.

Notifications to the Commissioner about the approved providers nature and details of material changes are to be completed using the Notification of a Material Change form

This form can also be used to notify changes to authorised contact details of the approved provider. Keeping the details of your authorised contact person up to date will ensure that important notifications are received by the appropriate individual.

To update the name and/or address of your home care service, you must use the Department of Health’s online Home Care Services Notification Form.  This form also allows you to provide Authorised Contact Person details.

Notifying of a subcontracting arrangement in response to COVID-19

Click here to access the new Subcontracting arrangement COVID-19 notification form.

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