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Summary of the new Aged Care Quality Standards

From July 1 2019, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission expects all organisations providing aged care services in Australia to be compliant with the new Aged Care Quality Standards.

These new Standards are included in the Quality of Care Amendment (Single Quality Framework) Principles 2018the Department of Health website and the Commission website.

All Standards resources are available to download and print from our website's Resource Library.

Standards help is here!

Access guidance and resources to support your organisation apply the new Aged Care Quality Standards, including the consumer outcomes that must be met and the requirements of each Standard.

Access Guidance on the new Standards >

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For providers

The Aged Care Quality Standards will apply to all aged care services including residential care, home care, flexible care and services under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme.

The new Standards will replace the existing standards that applied to the various types of aged care:

  • Accreditation Standards for residential aged care services
  • Home Care Standards
  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program Quality Framework Standards
  • Transition Care Standards

The Aged Care Quality Standards were developed by the Department of Health in collaboration with consumers, carers, aged care providers, aged care workers, clinicians and other experts. For more about the Aged Care Quality Standards see the Department of Health website.

Please note: Transitional arrangements apply to services with applications for re-accreditation due before 1 July 2019.

For consumers

Access the New Standards consumer resources.

Consumer resources to support the release of the new Aged Care Quality Standards are currently being developed.

These resources will provide information about the practical application of the Quality Standards, the accreditation process, guidance material and required consumer outcomes. They will help consumers understand the role of the Standards for aged care services, how consumers can participate in quality assessment of their service, and what they can do if expected outcomes of care are not being met.

The Commission has worked with consumers to develop appropriate, accessible and consumer-driven information. This includes conducting consumer workshops and consulting with the National Aged Care Alliance (NACA) Consumer Forum and their constituent networks, and other key stakeholders.

Work is also underway on developing indigenous-specific new Standard resources for consumers. Further to advice from NACA Consumer Forum Indigenous representatives, the Commission has undertaken guided consultations within local Indigenous communities regarding their information needs regarding the new Standards.

Monday, 29 April 2019 - 11:47am