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Colouring, conversation, creativity and care

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Creative activities and colouring resources for older people and their caregivers

These colouring resources have been designed specifically for the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission with the intention of providing a multifaceted creative experience for older Australians living in residential or home aged care settings, and for the people who care for them. But more than that, they are intended as an accompaniment to the Commission’s other comprehensive Food, Nutrition and Dining resources with the aim of promoting discussions about food and the life events and celebrations that are centred around food and its preparation and consumption.

Introduction and instructions

This collection of themed illustrations is inspired by older Australians and their connection to food – preparing it, eating it, and using it to celebrate special occasions. These instructions are designed to inspire and assist aged care workers to encourage the people they care for to engage in the activities

Download the introduction and instructions

Engagement pages

Each of these artwork themes includes an engagement page with a story designed to enhance connection to the various themes. Invite participants to close their eyes or look at the artwork as you read the short story aloud to them.

Download the engagement pages

Coloured artworks

These artworks can be printed out in colour on A4, A3, or even A2 paper and then used as part of an activity session, or displayed as wall art.

Black and white artworks

These artworks can be printed out or photocopied to be used as a colouring in activity. A3 sized paper is strongly recommended for the best result, as there are lots of small details to see. However other sizes also work well.

Close up black and white artworks

These artworks are close-up views from the larger themed scenes. This option is ideal for those who may prefer a larger and simpler artwork to colour-in.

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Food, dining and nutrition
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