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Information sheet for providers - Initial documents requested

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Key documents and information to be available at commencement of performance assessment

Every performance assessment at a service’s premises begins with an entry meeting between the person in charge at the service and the Assessment Team. The Assessment Team will request certain key documents during the entry meeting at site audits, review audits and assessment contacts where performance against the Aged Care Quality Standards (Quality Standards) is being assessed.

This information sheet details the key documents that the Assessment Team will request during the entry meeting at the commencement of the performance assessment. The key documents are of a nature that they can be reasonably be expected to be accessible by the person in charge at the service at any time. Making these available to the Assessment Team will optimise the quality assessors’ time on site and support an efficient and effective performance assessment against the Quality Standards. The information also helps the team to identify consumers and staff to speak with and to understand your service.

These documents may be provided to the Assessment Team during the entry meeting. It is the Commission’s expectation that they are made available within one hour of the conclusion of the meeting so as not to compromise planning and delay the conduct of the performance assessment. 

Awareness of the expectation to produce key documents will assist providers to prepare for a performance assessment and to discuss with service management how these documents will be produced on request.

Other documents relevant to the performance assessment will continue to be requested by the Assessment Team at various points during the performance assessment.

For more information about the Commission’s assessment methodology refer to Regulatory Bulletin – Performance assessment methodology.

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