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Accountabilities of governing bodies in aged care - webinar

Under the Aged Care Quality Standards, the organisation’s governing body is accountable for the delivery of safe and quality care and services. This includes consideration of leadership, organisational culture, consumer engagement, organisation wide governance, risk management and clinical governance.

This webinar will help you to understand your regulatory and legislative obligations by providing information that outlines:

  • the intent of the new Aged Care Quality Standards
  • your accountabilities under Standard 8 on Organisational Governance
  • the main components of clinical governance and how it applies in different care settings
  • what strong and poor clinical governance looks like
  • information on key clinical governance issues including anti-microbial stewardship, open disclosure, and the use of restraints in aged care settings.

Watch the webinar

You will hear from our expert panel from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission consisting of:

  • Janet Anderson PSM, Commissioner
  • Dr Melanie Wroth,Chief Clinical Advisor
  • Ann Wunsch, Executive Director,Quality Assessment and Monitoring Operations

Learning outcomes

Through active engagement in this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • describe the accountability of governing bodies under the Aged Care Quality Standards
  • outline the strategies governing bodies could adopt to comply with Standard 8
  • describe the key components of an effective clinical governance framework
  • understand key clinical issues in aged care
  • contribute leadership to effective governance in their organisation.

Target audience

The webinar provides information for members of governing bodies and senior executives of residential and home aged care services. It is targeted at those in senior positions including:

  • board members
  • directors
  • executives
  • senior managers.
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Aged Care Quality Standards
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