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Infection Prevention and Control Leads: Updates for providers

This factsheet provides updated information for providers of aged care on effective infection prevention and control capability. This is critical to the safe, effective delivery of personal and clinical care in aged care. This is particularly the case during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

To ensure that residential aged care providers are better prepared to prevent and respond to infectious diseases, including COVID-19 and influenza, residential aged care providers must appoint at least one nursing staff member as an infection prevention and control (IPC) lead.

Guidance regarding the requirements of IPC lead(s) is included in the letter sent to each residential aged care provider from the Secretary of the Department of Health, Dr Brendan Murphy, dated 6 November 2020.

This factsheet includes:

  • What is the infection prevention and control (IPC) lead?
  • What are the requirements of the IPC lead?
  • Where can I find out more about the requirements and timing of implementation of
  • the IPC lead(s)?
  • Which approved providers need to appoint an IPC lead?
  • We already have an infection control program. Why do we need to appoint an IPC lead?
  • Why is the Commission updating the Aged Care Quality Standards Guidance and
  • Resources?
  • What updates has the Commission made to the Quality Standards Guidance and Resources for Providers in relation to the IPC lead requirements?
  • What is the relationship of the IPC lead to approved provider obligations under the Aged Care Act?
  • How will the Commission consider the IPC lead requirements as part of regulatory activities?
  • Outbreak management planning?
  • Where can I find out more?
Thursday, 17 December 2020 - 8:21am