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Accreditation and re-accreditation key changes fact sheet

Key changes under the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Rules 2018 (Rules)


From 1 July 2019 approved providers applying for accreditation or re-accreditation will be assessed against the Aged Care Quality Standards (Quality Standards) in accordance with the Rules.

The application for re-accreditation no longer requires an approved provider to consent in advance to an assessment team accessing service premises. Consent to enter is now requested when a team arrives at the service.

Notifying aged care consumers (consumers) and their representatives of upcoming site audit

The approved provider must take all reasonable steps to ensure consumers and their nominated representatives are informed that there will be a site audit as part of the accreditation process (please see the nominated representative definition in the Language Glossary). This replaces the previous provision that it was consumers ‘or’ their representatives that the service had to notify. It is now both.

Site audit meetings

On each day of the site visit there is a site meeting between a member of the assessment team and the person in charge of the service to discuss the progress of the visit. This does not preclude all members of the assessment team from attending the meeting.

Decision on application for accreditation or re-accreditation

In making a decision whether to accredit or re-accredit a service, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner (Commissioner) or delegate will provide reasons for the decision. This includes reasons for the further period of accreditation in deciding to re-accredit a service.

The Commissioner must within 28 days of making a decision to accredit or re-accredit a service give the approved provider a new certificate of accreditation. A replacement certificate will be issued if a reconsideration application on a period of accreditation is successful.

Notification of decision not to accredit, re-accredit or revoke accreditation

Where a decision is made not to accredit a commencing service, not to re-accredit an accredited service or to revoke accreditation, there is no longer a requirement to notify the service of any areas where they can make improvement or to advise of arrangements for assessment contacts.

The Commissioner, as soon as practicable after making the decision on accreditation, will inform the Secretary of the Department of Health.

Read more about the accreditation and re-accreditation process.

National Feedback

For support in understanding the Rules and their operational implications, please contact the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission by emailing or contact your local Regional Office by calling 1800 951 822 (free call).

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