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Food, nutrition and dining: a reflection on practice: PowerPoint

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This training PowerPoint is a presentation that trainers/managers can download, customise and use to promote discussion and educate their staff to support and improve the food, nutrition and dining experience of consumers in their care. 


The training resource supports an exploration of food, nutrition and dining in aged care, specifically: 

  • the dining experience 
  • resident food and drink choices
  • supporting residents with swallowing difficulties 
  • supporting oral health. 

The resource is designed to support reflective discussions about what ‘best practice’ looks like and a reflection on how it applies in practice.  

Before using the training resource, you should update slide 5 to add information about your organisation’s values, mission, purpose, policies, processes and procedures when it comes to food, nutrition and dining. 

The presentation contains video and links to resources on the Commission website, so the presenter should have internet access when facilitating. 

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Food, dining and nutrition
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