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Transitional arrangements key changes fact sheet

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Part of a fact sheet series related to Key changes under the new Commission Act and Rules.

Transitional arrangements fact sheet

Transitional provisions allow the Commissioner to continue with regulatory activities that had started prior to commencement of the Rules. The Commissioner may make any arrangements as are necessary for the purposes of completing the activities.

The Rules provide for processes commenced before 1 January 2019 to continue to be progressed as if the steps had been taken under the Rules. This includes applications for re-accreditation, quality reviews and monitoring processes.

Residential services accredited under the Quality Agency Principles 2013 are taken to be accredited under the Rules.

Applications for reconsideration or review of decisions made prior to 1 January 2019 will still have the same timeframe to make the application and will be able to have that application considered under the Rules.

What if a service has a current timetable for improvement at the commencement of the Commission?

Where a provider has a timetable for improvement (TFI) set before 1 January 2019, that timetable continues (including the day by which improvements must be made) as does the requirement to revise the provider’s plan for continuous improvement and any arrangements for assessment contacts that have been notified to the provider.

Providers with TFIs that were due to expire just prior to 1 January 2019 have had those TFIs extended for four weeks.

Regulatory Policy Helpdesk

For support in understanding the Rules and their operational implications, please contact the Regulatory Policy team at or speak with your local regional office.

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