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How to stay safe from COVID-19 – videos

The video aims to help consumers understand the steps they can take to keep themselves safe during the current pandemic.

It is available in 15 different languages.

English – How to stay safe from COVID-19

Cantonese – 如何安全地應對 COVID-19

Croatian – Kako ćete se sačuvati od COVID-19

Dutch – Hoe u uzelf beschermt tegen COVID-19

French – Comment vous protéger du COVID-19

German – So schützen Sie sich vor COVID-19

Greek – Πώς να μείνετε ασφαλείς από τη COVID-19

Italian – Come proteggersi dal COVID-19

Macedonian – Како да останете безбедни од КОВИД-19

Maltese – Kif tibqa’ sikur mill-COVID-19

Mandarin – 如何安全地应对 COVID-19

Polish – Jak chronić się przed COVID-19

Spanish – Cómo evitar contagiarse la COVID-19

Tagalog – Paano manatiling ligtas sa COVID-19

Ukrainian – Як захистити себе від COVID-19

Vietnamese – Cách giữ an toàn với COVID-19

Friday, 9 July 2021 - 12:12pm