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What to do if you have a complaint

Aged care services should suit your needs and meet the Aged Care Quality Standards. The Standards ensure that everyone using aged care is treated with dignity and respect.

Making a complaint can improve the quality of care and help other people with the same problem. You can make a confidential or anonymous complaint if you wish.

Raising concerns is safe and easy. Service providers can't punish anyone in their care for making a complaint. Raise your concern or complaint with your service provider first if you can. This is often the easiest and quickest way to resolve things.

If you need help with your complaint, anyone can make a complaint to us, including:

  • people who use aged care
  • family, friends, representatives and carers of people who use aged care
  • aged care staff and volunteers
  • health and medical professionals.

If you're raising a concern or making a complaint on behalf of someone else, make sure they or their representative knows this. They have a right to know about your concerns and be involved.

Make a complaint


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