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Assessment contacts key changes fact sheet


Part of a fact sheet series related to Key changes under the new Commission Act and Rules

An assessment contact is any form of contact other than a site audit, review audit or a quality review that is conducted between a regulatory official and a provider of aged care services.

Notification of assessment contact

There is no requirement regarding the notice period that the Commission must give the provider of an upcoming assessment contact. The Commission can undertake an assessment at any time, with or without notice, of both home and residential services.

Notification to care recipients/aged care consumers

If the assessment contact involves a visit to the premises of a service, and is being made with notice, the Commissioner will give the provider:

  • of a residential service, a poster that must be displayed in one or more prominent locations in the premises to inform care recipients and their nominated representatives of the assessment contact
  • of a home service, the form of words to be used to tell aged care consumers and their nominated representatives about the assessment contact. The provider must take reasonable steps to inform consumers/representatives.

Where the visit to premises of a residential service does not involve prior notice, the person in charge will be given a poster to display when the assessment team enters the premises. Further guidance on processes for visits to home services without notice will be developed for quality assessors and providers.

For more information about assessment contacts visit the assessment contacts page on the Commission’s website.

Regulatory Policy Helpdesk

For support in understanding the Rules and their operational implications, please contact the Regulatory Policy team at or speak with your local Regional office.


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